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For public comment: AS 6000 Organic and Biodynamic Products

Standards Australia (SA) Technical Committee FT-032, Organic and Biodynamic Products, is currently revising AS 6000 - 2009 Organic and Biodynamic Products. It is intended for the revised AS 6000 to supersede the 2009 version.

The objective of AS 6000 is to provide a framework for the organic industry covering production, preparation, transportation, labelling and marketing. The Standard provides minimum requirements for products with labelling that states or implies they have been produced under organic or biodynamic systems. The Standard aims to serve as a guide to farmers, producers and consumers and to harmonise national provisions for the production, identification and labelling of organically and biodynamically grown products.


Mr Richard Souness, Chairman of Technical Committee FT-032, Organic and Biodynamic Products, said, “The Australian Standard AS 6000 serves as a guide for industry, producers and consumers on all aspects of the organic and biodynamic industry, from production to labelling to marketing. It aims to protect consumers against deceptive and unsubstantiated product claims, and also protect organic producers against misinterpretation of other agricultural products as organic.”

“The Standard is now being revised to take into account updated requirements, methods and technology. We invite public comment on the proposed revision to AS 6000,” said Mr Souness.

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