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Technical Governance - Summary of submissions released

Following the completion of the first phase of work on a review of Standards Australia’s technical governance, a summary of submissions​ has been released and feedback is sought on whether key issues have been appropriately captured.

This follows Cameron Ralph Khoury​ being appointed as independent consultants to assist in a review of Standards Australia’s technical governance in August 2017 and the release of an Issues Paper​ calling for submissions.

Interviews were conducted with a range of stakeholders from industry associations, government, professional associations, private businesses and community interests. Consultations were also conducted with Standards Australia staff.

Stakeholders are asked to review the summary document to ensure key areas of focus have been captured. 

Any comments on the summary should be provided directly to Cameron Ralph Khoury by 21 December 2017.

A recommendations report is expected to be provided to Standards Australia by March 2018.​


Non-Confidential Submissions
In the interests of transparency, the consultants have published as much of the submitted material as is practical.  Of course, confidential submissions are not published at all and they have tried to provide reasonable privacy for individuals by redacting personal mobile numbers and non-work email addresses.

The consultants have also avoided publishing critical comments that identify individuals or a committee or standard that might be seen as defamatory of individuals.  Finally, if redaction would make a submission lose its essence, we have not published it.​ 


  1. Adam Oswald
  2. AGL Energy
  3. Ally Yin
  4. Anonymous Submissions
  5. Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council
  6. Australian Air Quality Group
  7. Australian Computer Society
  8. Australian Dental Association
  9. Australian Industry Group
  10. Australian Steel Association
  11. Australian Window Association
  12. Austroads
  13. Bureau of Steel Manufacturers of Australia
  14. Caravan Industry Association of Australia
  15. Concrete Masonry Association of Australia
  16. Consult Australia
  17. Consumers' Federation of Australia
  18. Daniel Bonatti
  19. Digital Leadership Institute
  20. Djamil Abdelaziz, New Caledonia
  21. Doug Hawkes
  22. Douglas Crosher
  23. Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council
  24. EnergySafe Victoria
  25. Engineers Australia
  26. Fire Protection Association Australia
  27. Gas Energy Australia
  28. Geoscience Australia
  29. Housing Industry Association
  30. Institute of Plumbing Australia
  31. John Henry
  32. Ken Guthrie
  33. Lisa Stevens
  34. Martin Tyas
  35. Master Plumbers
  36. Michael Lumley
  37. Neil Dennis
  38. Peter Mole
  39. Rob Francis
  40. Ron Lochert
  41. Roofing Tiling Association of Australia
  42. Ross Jamieson
  43. Steven Wesselink
  44. Technical Committee EL-001
  45. Think Brick
  46. Trevor Richards​
  47. Water Services Association of Australia
  48. WorkSafe NZ