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Winners of the 2016 Standards Awards

The Awards

Young Leader Award
Meritorious Contribution Award – National
Meritorious Contribution Award – International
Outstanding Committee Award
W.R. Hebblewhite Medal

The Standards Awards are presented to those who have made significant contributions to standardisation and demonstrated outstanding service in enabling Standards Australia to attain its objectives.

Through their exceptional work in developing Australian and international standards, the award winners have contributed to the net benefit of Australia.

Five awards were presented on 26 May 2016 in Melbourne by Standards Australia Chairman Mr Richard Brooks and Chief Executive Officer Dr Bronwyn Evans.

Young Leader Award

The Young Leader Award rewards and acknowledges a young professional who has demonstrated great involvement in standardisation, by effectively representing the views of their industry in national or international committees and has willingly undertaken active roles, projects or initiatives in their committees.

Steven Humphries

Steven is currently acting as the Demand Management Manager for Energex as well as Principal Engineer, Load Management. Steven completed the Standards Australia Young Leaders Program in 2014 and participated in the 2015 IEC Young Professional Programme.

Steven is highly involved in the development of new electrical appliance standards AS 4755 within technical committee EL-054. Steven has been highlighted as one of the most experienced leaders in Australia to manage these new smart appliance loads connected on a distribution network. He was the drafting leader for AS 4755.3.5 on the demand response of grid-connected electrical energy storage systems.

Meritorious Contribution Award – National

The Meritorious Contribution Award – National recognises the exceptional achievements of experts in the development of national standards. Winners of this award are advocates of standards; have demonstrated a knack for problem solving, innovative thinking and have been able to effectively represent the views of their industry or sector.

Anthea Hammon

Anthea leads Scenic World, the most visited, privately-owned tourist attraction in Australia. Starting as Project Manager, she worked her way to Engineering Manager, then Joint Managing Director, and now Managing Director. She oversees ride operations and manages major capital projects, such as the $30 million redevelopment of the Scenic Railway.

Anthea is the Chair of technical committee ME-051, Amusement Rides and Devices. Anthea took over the role of Chair in 2013, and has managed to ensure that the committee works delicately around a range of sensitive topics. She does this with tenacity, strength and grace.

Meritorious Contribution Award – International

The Meritorious Contribution Award – International recognises exceptional achievements of experts in the area of international standardisation.

Dusanka Sabic

Dusanka is the Regulatory Reform Director at Accord Australasia, the national industry association representing manufacturers and suppliers of hygiene, cosmetic and specialty products, their raw material suppliers and service providers.

Participating in our technical committees for over a decade, Dusanka is involved in standards development both nationally and internationally for subject areas such as cosmetics, organic and biodynamic products, and sunscreen agents. Dusanka is the Chair of CS-108, Cosmetics–Terminology, and has been instrumental in leading the committee’s participation in ISO/TC 217, Cosmetics. Not only does she contribute to technical committees, but Dusanka has also been a Mentor in Standards Australia’s Young Leaders program for two years.

Outstanding Committee Award

The Outstanding Committee Award recognises a Standards Committee who, through team work and commitment, has published standards that have had great impact, often by enhancing the quality of life of communities and industries.

EL-041, Lamps and related equipment

Over the past year, this committee has successfully managed the publication of twelve standards. EL-041 has an ongoing and complex work program and is guiding an industry through a period of great change and transition. Through the committee’s dedication and hard work, Australia has lamps, luminaires and related equipment that are both safe and consistent.

Owen Manley, Chair of EL-041, accepted the award on the committee’s behalf. It was with his exceptional guidance that EL-041 was able to complete such a multitude of projects throughout the year.

The organisations represented on EL-041 are:

Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council
Australian Industry Group
Consumers Federation of Australia
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (Australian Government)
Electrical Compliance Testing Association
Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand
Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council
Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority of New Zealand
IES: The Lighting Society
Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal
Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand
Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand
Lighting Council Australia
Lighting Council New Zealand
Master Electricians Australia
NSW Fair Trading
Standards New Zealand
Worksafe New Zealand

W.R. Hebblewhite Medal

Few people have played a more pivotal role in the pioneering of Standards Australia than William Rayner Hebblewhite. He was Standards Australia’s first and longest-serving chief executive, from 1924 to 1953. For his outstanding contribution to the scientific and industrial development of Australia, William Rayner Hebblewhite received the honour of the Officer of the British Empire in May 1956. The W.R. Hebblewhite medal recognises exceptional and dedicated contributions in standardisation nationally and/or internationally.

Mike Harding

Mike is currently the National Manager for Building Codes and Standards with the Housing Industry Association. His career in the building and construction industry began over 50 years ago as an apprentice carpenter before gaining his building license. He then took on the role of National Technical Director at Master Builders Australia in 1992. Ten years later, he began his current role with the HIA, a position he has held for the last 13 years.

Mike represents the HIA on ten Standards Australia technical committees. In his time with the HIA and the MBA, Mike has been outstanding in representing the interests of the building and construction sector. His commitment to the standards development process, to sound engineering based outcomes and to upholding the spirit of standards development is second to none. Mike is a man of outstanding integrity and decency and he upholds the spirit of the standards development process in everything that he does.

To all our Standards Awards winners, thank you for your distinguished service and outstanding contribution to the net benefit of Australia and the international community.

Pictured: Chairman Richard Brooks, Steven Humphries, Mike Harding, Anthea Hammon, Dusanka Sabic, Owen Manley and Chief Executive Officer Dr Bronwyn Evans