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Australian Standards Combat Red Tape

Red Tape: Standards and the Regulatory Reform Agenda
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Developing Australian Standards

“Australian Standards ensure goods and services are safe, reliable and will do the job they are intended for.”
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Standards in Action series

Standards in Action
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“Australian Standards are supporting the nation’s economic growth, community safety, and promoting the interests of Australian consumers.”

Growth. Trade. Innovation
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“Australian Standards create economies of scale. They cut production costs, increase efficiency, and drive productivity.”

Export & Trade
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“Australian Standards are fundamental to Australia’s export industries. See how Australian Standards are supporting Australia’s biggest export, iron ore, throughout the supply chain.”

Standards Mean Business

Standards Australia supports business and the economy in many ways. Standards Mean Business outlines:

  • The business case for Standards;
  • Examples of how Standards support business development goals; and
  • How Standards encourage economic growth.

Download Standards Mean Business.

Research Paper

The Economic Benefits of Standardisation PDF Download
This paper reviews the current research on the role standards play in the economic growth of major economies.

Thought Leadership Paper

The Value in Governance of Information Technology PDF Download
"Australian and international standards are fundamental to the effectiveness of the governance of IT. This paper elevates governance of IT as a critical component and enabler of best practice management." Colin Blair, CEO, Standards Australia

The Golden Meaning

The Golden Meaning – Behind Standards Australia's logo PDF Download
Inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci, our logo was created to represent our independence, credibility and aspirations to enrich the quality of life of all Australians.