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Compliance With Australian Standards

Compliance of products and services in the Australian market with Australian Standards is normally voluntary, unless the products or services are regulated by Government.  Standards Australia develops Australian Standards but does not have a direct role in ensuring the compliance of products or services with these standards.

Information on which products and services are regulated can be sought from the Australian Government Website

If you purchase a product or service that claims to meet an Australian Standard but you think it does not then the following steps could be considered:

  1. raise your concern with the retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer from which you purchased the product;
  2. if the product is certified contact the relevant certification body that certified the product;
  3. contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) or the relevant State or Territory Office of Fair Trading.

For further information, visit the ACCC Product Safety Website at and also the Section on "Compliance with Australian Standards" in the publication "Australia's Standards and Conformance Infrastructure" at