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Industry Leaders Forum

The Honourable Paul Fletcher MP (centre) with Dr Bronwyn Evans (left) and Dr Alan Morrison (right)


The Honourable Josh Frydenberg MP (centre) with Dr Bronwyn Evans (left) and Dr Alan Morrison (right)


The Honourable Bruce Billson (centre) with Dr Bronwyn Evans and Dr Alan Morrison


The Honourable Bob Baldwin MP (centre) with Dr Bronwyn Evans and Richard Brooks


Standards Australia initiated the Industry Leaders Forum to facilitate high-level dialogue between senior business representatives, standards developers, and government decision-makers. Guest speakers have included:

  • The Honourable Paul Fletcher MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications;
  • The Honourable Josh Frydenberg MP, Member for Kooyong and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister;
  • The Honourable Bruce Billson MP, Minister for Small Business;
  • The Honourable Bob Baldwin MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry;
  • The Honourable Senator Eric Abetz, Federal Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations;
  • The Honourable Matthew Mason-Cox MLC, Parliamentary Secretary to the NSW Treasurer;
  • Senator Arthur Sinodinos AO, Senator for NSW and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Federal Opposition;
  • Mr John Robertson MP, Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Minister for Western Sydney, and Shadow Minister for the Illawarra;
  • The Honourable Christopher Hartcher MP, Minister for Resources and Energy, Special Minister of State, and Minister for the Central Coast; and
  • The Honourable Anthony Roberts MP, Minister for Fair Trading;

The purpose of the Industry Leaders Forum is to increase the recognition of Australian Standards within government and at a ministerial level. It aims to promote Australian Standards as public policy solutions. The Industry Leaders Forum provides a platform for promoting Australian Standards to key decision-makers as:

  • Alternatives to regulation - Standards provide an opportunity for industry self-regulation, while providing best practice benchmarks in quality and performance. They allow businesses to get on with what they do best: business.
  • Enablers of innovation - Standards enable businesses to share information and use collective intelligence to support industry development. This knowledge-sharing drives innovation, while protecting commercial-in-confidence and intellectual property.
  • Reduction to trade barriers - Standards reduce barriers-to-trade by establishing agreed international standards for product and service performance and reliability. Standards accelerate economic development, foster innovation and expand world trade.
  • Ensuring sustainable development - For the economy to grow sustainably, we need to protect our environment and the community at large. Standards promote best practice environmental and social outcomes.