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Our Organisation

About us
An overview of Standards Australia and its four main roles.

Contact Us
Contact details for our office, Standards Information Service and Media representatives.

Our Strategic Plan
Standards Australia's Strategic Plan that guides the organisation and outlines its goals for 2012 and beyond.

Standards Australia Standards Development Operations
An overview of Standards Australia Standards Development Operations.

News Room
Latest news about Standards Australia and information about Standards under development or published Standards.

Company History
Standard Australia's major milestones since its founding in 1922.

Governance and Constitution
Information about Standards Australia's history, its relationship with the Government and its constitution.

Board of Directors
Information on each of the board members.

Executive Team
Information on each member of the Executive Team.

International Engagement
Regional, local and international associated bodies of Standards Australia.

Member Organisations
List of all the member organisations of Standards Australia.

Technical Infrastructure
Explains Standards Australia's role within Australian technical infrastructure.