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Standard Awards is a Standards Australia programme that recognises excellence in the field of standardisation. 

Standards Awards are presented to individuals, and one Committee, who have made significant contributions to standardisation and who have demonstrated outstanding service in enabling Standards Australia and accredited Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) attain their objectives.

We will announce on this page when nominations for the 2018 Standards Awards will be accepted for individuals and committees of Standards Australia and accredited SDOs.
Click here to see the 2017 Standards Awards winners.
The Award categories are:
Created in 2015, the W.R.Hebblewhite Medal honours the contribution and foresight of William Rayner Hebblewhite O.B.E., Standards Australia’s first and longest serving Chief Executive Officer.  This prestigious Medal is awarded to one individual on an annual basis. It recognises exceptional and dedicated contributions in standardisation nationally and/or internationally.   Winners of this award are contributors to national and international standardisation through their leadership and technical expertise, to the extent that their involvement has had a considerable positive impact on industry, commerce and/or the community.
This award recognises exceptional achievements of experts in the development of national standards.  Winners of this award are advocates of standards and standardisation; have demonstrated a contribution to problem solving, research or innovative thinking and have been able to positively and effectively represent the views of their industry or sector.
This award recognises exceptional achievements of experts in the area of international standardisation.  Winners of this award demonstrate an ability to effectively influence international standards for the benefit of Australia and may have taken on leadership roles in international standards development.
This award seeks to reward and acknowledge emerging leaders who have reached a high level of involvement in standardisation.  Recipients have a proven ability to effectively represent their industry or sector in national or international committee deliberations. Individuals who are presented with this award demonstrate a willingness to take on an active role in the committee or champion related projects or initiatives in their industry or sector.
This prestigious award recognises superior performance of a Standards Committee who, through the demonstration of team work and commitment has published standards that have contributed to the community either through their impact to industry or their enhancement of the quality of life of relevant communities.
Assessment Panel:
The recipients for the Awards are chosen by a selection group including Standards Australia’s Executives and Senior Managers from the Standards Development Operations team. 
Previous Standards Award winners are eligible for renomination. A list of the previous Standards Award winners is available here. Self-nominations are welcome.
Additional Information:
Standards Award winners are notified by Dr Bronwyn Evans, Standards Australia's Chief Executive Officer.
Queries regarding the Awards can be sent to Jessica Ofori at