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Workshop: How to Write an Australian Standard


Preparing an Australian Standard requires a certain writing style, a structured approach and teamwork. Committee projects are more efficient when Drafting Leaders and Committee Members have an understanding of the Drafting Rules for Australian Standards. Standards Australia offers these workshops to Committee Members in order to increase

knowledge of the writing styles and structure of Australian Standards.







This interactive workshop is suitable for participating Committee Members who have accepted a Drafting Leader role or wish to play a key role in writing Australian Standards. All Drafting Leaders would regard this workshop as essential training.
The 'How to Write an Australian Standard' workshop promotes an understanding of the:
·         Expressions and language used within an Australian Standard.  
·         Drafting of specific clauses within an Australian Standard.
·         Referencing styles and formats.
·         Appendices.
·         Amendments.
·         International adoptions.
Workshops are free of charge. Participants are asked to make arrangements for their own travel and accommodation. Participants will be provided a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the workshop. NB: These workshops are reserved for participating Committee Members.
Read what previous participants have said about the workshop...
“Working through the structure of a standard, part by part and seeing the drafting rules for each part. Exercises - correcting the errors and learning.”
“Not only outlining the issue/subject but providing examples and having exercises to confirm your understanding. Open/interactive workshops - got much from other participants as well as trainer.” 
“General interaction by the group was excellent. Well-paced content. Good examples used.”
“I will have a better understanding of why certain language is used.”
“The entire workshop was highly relevant to my role. The exercises were particularly valuable.”
Workshop schedule... 
Workshops will be announced for 2017.
Workshop enquiries...
Contact Kate Fraser on or 02 9237 6037.