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Development Pathways

The Standards Australia Development Pathways Guide has been designed to help you understand the options available and choose the pathway best suited to your standards development requirements.

There are four main pathways for standards development:

(i)            Standards Australia Resourced
This pathway uses our resources, project management expertise and infrastructure. Standards Australia Resourced projects require commitment and active contribution from stakeholders over a defined period of time. Proposals for Standards Australia resourced projects are to be submitted through the Prioritisation Process.
NOTE: Identical text adoptions of International Standards are excluded from the Prioritisation Process and can be submitted to Standards Australia for consideration at any time throughout the year.
(ii)           Externally Funded
The Externally Funded pathway offers stakeholders customised solutions, greater choice in resourcing levels and accelerated project timeframes. Externally Funded project proposals must meet the same net benefit and stakeholder support requirements. However, proposals for Externally Funded projects are not part of the Prioritisation Process and may be submitted to Standards Australia at any time throughout the year. The provision of external funding does not give the funding entity any preferential consideration in relation to the technical content and outcome of the Standard.
For further details on these pathways please contact a Standards Australia Stakeholder Engagement Manager or the Standards Information Service (SIS) on 1800 035 822.
(iii)          Standards Development Organisation Managed
The opportunity exists for individual organisations to be formally accredited as standards developers in their own right. Amongst other benefits, ownership of the standards development process allows the organisation to determine their development program, the level of resources to be provided and the timeframes to meet its stakeholders’ needs. Accreditation is carried out by the Standards Development and Accreditation Committee (SDAC).
(iv)          International Standards Development
Standards Australia also manages Australian involvement in international projects and/or programs.
Participation in International Technical Committees
Proposals to participate in international technical committees should be submitted as part of the Prioritisation Process. This is to ensure Commonwealth and Standards Australia resources are allocated effectively to represent and protect Australian interests.
Proponents submitting proposals for international participation may choose any of Standards Australia's Development Pathways. Standards Australia will determine the level of support based on the strength and scope of your proposal.
International text adoptions

To propose the adoption of an International Standard in Australia, a new proposal must be submitted because this process relies on Standards Australia’s resources. These proposals can be submitted at any time.