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Stakeholder Engagement

Our Stakeholder Engagement team is responsible for facilitating the development of standards for the net benefit of the Australian community through effective stakeholder engagement activities, nationally and internationally.

For guidance on standards policy and development or advice regarding project proposals, contact the Stakeholder Engagement team on

Stakeholder Engagement Team

Varant Meguerditchian
General Manager Stakeholder Engagement

Phone: +612 9237 6119 

Click here to email Varant.


Damian Fisher
Senior International Engagement Manager

Phone: +612 9237 6098

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Karen Batt
International Engagement Manager

Phone: +612 9237 6056

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Ron Pulido
Stakeholder Engagement Manager

  • Building and Construction (including steel) 
  • Water and Waste Services (plumbing)

Phone :+612 9237 6077 

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Brett Lovett
Stakeholder Engagement Manager

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Food
  • Consumer Products, Services and Safety
  • Education and Training Services
  • Transport and Logistics

Phone :+612 9237 6148

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Simona Tomevska
Stakeholder Engagement Manager

  • Electrotechnology and Energy (oil and gas)
  • Mining

Phone: +612 9237 6116

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Rick Macourt
Stakeholder Engagement Manager

  • Communications, Information Technology and e-Commerce Services
  • Manufacturing and Processing

Phone: +612 9237 6156

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Catherine Dunkerley
Stakeholder Engagement Manager

  • Health and Community Services (occupational health and safety)
  • Public Safety, Public Administration, Business and Management

Phone :+612 9237 6108

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Jed Horner
Policy Manager

Phone: +612 9237 6181

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​​Michael Paparo
Policy Manager

Phone: +612 9237 6004

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​Lucy-Chalmers.jpg Lucy Chalmers

Policy Officer

Phone: +612 9237 6115

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