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Prioritising and Selecting Projects

While Standards Australia would like to meet the expectations of all project proponents, our resources are finite. Selection will be based on the strength of the Net Benefit case; clear and well-defined scope of work; stakeholder consultation and support; and above all the availability of Standards Australia resources.

The SA Guide to Project Prioritisation Criteria and Process is available to assist stakeholders in understanding the process.

What types of proposals are there?

There are four main types of proposals:

1.     Revision of an existing standard
2.     Create a new standard entirely
3.     Propose Australian participation in an international standards committee
4.     Adopt an international standard (either an identical text adoption or with modifications for the Australian context as a modified text adoption).
When should I submit my proposal?
The prioritisation and selection process takes place twice a year for developing new standards or revising current ones. This means that there are two periods per year in which Standards Australia accepts proposals from the public. These are called Project Prioritisation rounds.
However, if you are proposing an Identical Text Adoption of an International Standard or an Externally Funded project, you can submit your proposal for consideration at any time throughout the year.
For information on the next round of intakes, visit Proposing New Projects.
If my proposal is successful, who will fund my project?
In your proposal, you should state whether you wish for Standards Australia to provide the resources to back your project or if you have external funding.
There are alternative pathways for funding a project beyond Standards Australia’s resources. Read our Standards Development Pathways Guide for more information on the options available to you.
What does the project process entail?
Speak to a Stakeholder Engagement Manager for guidance on how to develop a proposal.
Assistance and Support
If you have any queries please check our Frequently Asked Questions, or if you require further information, please contact a Stakeholder Engagement Manager or Standards Australia's Standards Information Service (SIS) by email or phone (1800 035 822).