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Proposing a Project

Project prioritisation and selection

Proposals for projects to be managed by Standards Australia through the Standards Australia Resourced pathway (see Development Pathways) are required to go through Standards Australia's Project Prioritisation and Selection Process. Externally Funded projects are not subject to a prioritisation process.
NOTE: Project proposals for Identical Adoptions of International Standards are not managed through the Project Prioritisation and Selection Process, meaning that project proposals for Identical Adoptions may be submitted to Standards Australia for consideration at any time throughout the year.
The Project Prioritisation and Selection Process does not apply to Standards being developed by other accredited Standards Development Organisations (SDOs). They have their own processes. Click here for more information.  

Project Prioritisation rounds and submission dates

A summary of received project proposals from each round are made available on our Sector Updates page. Approved project proposals from each round are also listed here after they have been considered by the Standards Development and Accreditation Committee (SDAC).  
Planned project prioritisation submission dates and deadlines are as follows:
  • Round 16: Monday 5 February – Wednesday 7 March 2018
  • Round 17: August – September 2018 

When submitting a project propsal please use the latest form (available below) at the date of submission of your proposal.

Proposing a new Standards development project 

All proposals under Standards Australia's development pathways must be submitted using the appropriate proposal form.  Proposals to:

  1. develop, revise or amend Australian (or joint Australia/New Zealand) Standards, adopt (with modifications) International Standards or other documents should use the – Proposal Form - Standards Development Projects;
  2. identically adopt new or existing ISO or IEC International Standards should use the – Proposal Form - Identical Adoption;
  3. propose new, or to revise existing, participation in international standards development activities through ISO or IEC should use the – Proposal Form - International Participation;

Net Benefit is a key element of Standards Australia's business model and a Net Benefit case is a compulsory element of any new project proposal. A proposal may incorporate a single project, or a national or international program of work including multiple projects.

Learn how to prepare your proposal for new or revised Standards by watching this video: 

 Preparing project proposals


Preparing your proposal  

  • The project proposal forms are regularly reviewed and undergo regular improvements based on stakeholder feedback. Proponents are requested not to use earlier versions of the form but rather always use the current versions linked to above.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Managers are available to assist with guidance and advice regarding the requirements and completion of a proposal form.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Managers can be contacted directly here or through our Standards Information Service (SIS) on or 1800 035 822 for information on the work currently underway in your sector of interest, direction on completing the form, and the various pathways for development.
  • Complete all sections of the manual form and submit via email to Standards Australia
  • For guidance, please review this example of a completed project proposal form.

To be considered as part of the Project Prioritisation and Selection Process, completed proposals need to be received by Standards Australia by the publicised closing date. It is preferred that proposals are received at least a week prior to this date, which will enable Stakeholder Engagement Managers to review and provide initial feedback.

NOTE: Proposals for projects under the Externally Funded pathway or for Identical Adoptions of International Standards may be submitted at any time.

Proposal review and approval

  • Proposals received will be logged centrally and confirmation sent to the proponent. 
  • Proposals may also be made publicly available on the Standards Australia website.
  • Once proposals are evaluated and reviewed, and a decision has been made by Standards Australia, the outcome will be communicated directly to the proponent and a list of approved projects published on the Standards Australia website under Sector Updates.
  • Project proponents and responsible committees will be notified with details on project commencement activities.

Assistance and support

If you have any queries or require further information, contact a Stakeholder Engagement Manager or our Standards Information Service (SIS) by email or phone 1800 035 822 for assistance.