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Who develops Standards?

Standards Australia brings together more than 9000 technical, business, academic, government and community experts to form technical committees.

Committee members are representatives of their industry, consumer associations, government, scientific or academic institutions. They are nominated by their organisations to represent their interests. We work with over 1500 nominating organisations to develop standards based on consensus.
Their contributions to standards development are essential - they are the life blood of Standards Australia.
A technical committee will work on a few projects each year. These projects might include revising existing Australian Standards and technical documents, assessing International Standards for adoption in Australia, or drafting new Standards for emerging industries.
Being a part of an Australian Standards development committee has its own rewards - increased knowledge, stronger business networks and competitive advantages, as well as the personal satisfaction of making the world a better place.
If you are interested in becoming a committee member, contact a relevant nominating organisation and ask about representing it on a Standards Australia committee. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our National Sector Managers.
To view a list of our committees by sector, view the Standards Development Public Portal.
Codes of Conduct
By working with Standards Australia, nominating organisations and committee members recognise and agree to fulfill their obligations and duties when developing Australian Standards.
Standards Australia has a code of conduct for all committee members and nominating organisations. The codes apply to all participants involved in the development of standards.
The following codes aim to streamline and maximise efficiency in standards development processes.
  1. Committee Member Code of Conduct
  2. Nominating Organisation Code of Conduct 


Standards Development Competition Law Guidelines

Standards Australia’s Standards Development Competition Law Guidelines have been adapted with permission from ISO’s Competition Law Guidelines for Participants in the ISO Standards Development Process and have been approved by the Standards Development and Accreditation Committee (SDAC) to help raise awareness of, and provide broad guidance on, competition law issues to all participants in the Standards Australia standards development process.