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Developing Standards

Anyone can propose the development or revision of a standard or technical document by following the process put in place by Standards Australia.

The first step in the development process is a proposal that meets our criteria. The two main criteria are net benefit and stakeholder support.

Simply put, your proposal must demonstrate positive value to the Australian community and be supported by a wide and diverse group of relevant people and organisations.

Once we have received your proposal, it is reviewed along with all other proposals in our Project Prioritisation process, unless it is a proposal for an international adoption, which can be submitted at any time.

Each proposal is considered on the strength of its net benefit case, evidence of stakeholder support, and required resources. If your proposal is successful, it becomes a project.

Ready to get started? Download the project proposal form and speak to one of our Stakeholder Engagement Managers or watch our video on how to fill out the project proposal form.

For more information on the development of Australian/New Zealand Standards, view our Joint Standards Fact Sheet

Simplified drafting template

Standards Australia’s new simplified drafting template has been built so drafters can  focus on the technical content of their documents and not to have to spend significant time trying to make the document look like a published standard. Standards Australia’s publishing team will be using new software to format documents – so we hope this tool makes the drafting work that much easier for our valuable contributors. The new tool also contains drafting tips and points users to the critical rules in SG-006: Rules for the structure and drafting of Australian Standards

This is a MS Word template file. When using this file, we recommend installing it locally on your network or into the templates folder which you use for MS Word. To use the template, browse to the location where you saved it using Windows Explorer, double click on the template file and it will open a new Word document with this template loaded. You are ready to start the drafting work. Do not open the template directly – or else you risk editing and changing it.

Standards Australia thanks both ISO and the IEC whose models we have adapted and also the many expert drafters whose input into the pilot version of this template assisted us enormously.

Any feedback from users of the template is welcome. Please contact us with any questions or recommendations at:


We have also created a set of FAQs for users of the simplidied drafting template as part of our service to drafters and we are ready to answer questions at any time. Please bookmark  this page as we will be updating this file from time to time as we receive user feedback.

Please note that this template is designed for new Standards, Technical Specifications, Technical Reports, Handbooks and Miscellaneous Publications. Standards Australia is developing new and more effective tools for revision projects and we will be working with Committees through the course of this year once those tools are ready to be used.