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1. Why is Standards Australia encouraging organisations to become Standards Development Organisations?  

  • Standards Australia’s Board encourages the development and use of Australian Standards for the continuing benefit standards offer to the Australian community.
  • Standards Australia's Business Model encompasses strategic ways of engaging stakeholders across the economy.
  • Part of this Business Model is to give stakeholders choice in the way Standards are developed.
  • Accreditation is available to organisations who wish undertake their own standards development rather than choosing one of Standards Australia’s other pathways.
  • Accreditation is endorsed by the Commonwealth Government.
  • Enabling other organisations to develop standards increases the range and acceptance of Australian Standards® brand standards, an important part of the technical infrastructure of Australia.
2. Is my organisation eligible to become an accredited SDO?
There are several basic prerequisites for organisations for organisations considering becoming an accredited SDO, including:
  • SDOs are generally representative organisations with the objective of furthering the interests or status of their members or constituents.
  • The organisation should be of good standing and familiar with the area / industry in which accreditation is being sought.
  • The organisation is expected to be sufficiently and appropriately resourced to carry out Australian Standards development work within a reasonable timeframe.

Organisational and operational requirements for an accredited SDO are specified in the  Requirements for Accreditation of Standards Development Organisations.

Accreditation is carried out by Standards Australia's 'Standards Development and Accreditation Committee' (SDAC) under delegation from the SA Board. 

3. How long does the process take for an organisation to become accredited?. How long does the process take for an organisation to become accredited?

The length of time to achieve accreditation depends on the scale of operation of the SDO, its standards development experience and preparedness to meet accreditation requirements. An accreditation audit is also required. However, if there are no major problems accreditation can be obtained within three to four months.

4. Is there a minimum / maximum number of Australian Standards an SDO must develop to retain accreditation?

There is no maximum number but if is expected that an accredited SDO would be developing at least one Australian Standard.

5. Can my organisation become an SDO for a limited period of time i.e. for the development of just one Australian Standard?

The standard term of accreditation is three (3) years, however SDAC may apply other conditions at its discretion. Once an SDO develops an Australian Standard, the organisation must maintain and periodically review and revise that standard. Therefore SDOs normally continue their accreditation since once set up continual compliance with accreditation requirements is straightforward.

6. What happens to the Australian Standards we develop if we choose not to reapply for reaccreditation

If, for whatever reason, an SDO no longer retains its accreditation its Standard(s) must be either withdrawn or transferred to another accredited organisation or to Standards Australia. SDAC would normally determine the ultimate disposition of the Standards, and their supporting documentation, in consultation with the SDO.

7. What level of support can my organisation receive during the accreditation process?

The process for becoming accredited is given in the section Applying for Accreditation. During this process the Senior Manager Stakeholder Engagement will be able to provide assistance and guidance, both in preparing the application and in preparing for the audit.

In addition, the document Guidance on Accreditation Requirements provides an explanation of, and background to, many of the requirements. It also contains suggested records that can be kept to demonstrate compliance when being audited.