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The accreditation function, established by the Council of Standards Australia Limited and supported by the Commonwealth Government, provides a valuable mechanism to ensure other organisations in Australia are able to develop their own industry standards and, provided the organisation is accredited, have these documents recognised as Australian Standards®.
Although Standards Australia has a long history of developing voluntary Australian Standards, it is recognised that becoming an accredited Standards Development Organisation (SDO) could be a suitable path for some other groups depending on the particular circumstances or environment within that industry or sector.

Accreditation of organisations ensures all Australian Standards retain the high quality and credibility inherent in a rigorous, transparent and internationally aligned standards development process.
The accreditation powers of the Standards Australia Board, which have been delegated to the Standards Development and Accreditation Committee (SDAC), are:

  • Accrediting (or, where appropriate, declining to accredit) bodies in Australia to prepare and maintain standards for approval and publication as Australian Standard® brand standards.
  • Withdrawing any accreditation granted;
  • Setting policies, rules, regulations and guidelines in relation to the preparation, maintenance, development, publication and approval of Australian Standard® brand standards, including requirements for bodies accredited to develop Australian Standard® brand standards;
  • Carrying out audits of accredited bodies to ensure compliance with all policies, rules, regulations and guidelines of the Standards Development and Accreditation Committee

The Standards Development and Accreditation Committee's role is :

to encourage and accredit organisations to develop Australian Standards of credibility and integrity for the net benefit of the Australian community.

The SDAC replaces the earlier accreditation body the Accreditation Board for Standards Development Organisations (ABSDO).