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Development process

Section 3 of the Requirements for Accreditation of Standards Development Organisations describes the steps SDOs are required to take to develop an Australian Standard®. A summary of these steps is outlined below.
The Style Manual for Accredited SDOs provides details on the layout and required wording within published Australian Standards.
Standards development uses a robust and verifiable methodology. This methodology is based on the principles of:
  • Balance—all concerned stakeholders participate in the development of the document. No one interest controls or dominates.
  • Transparency—processes are open, participation is non discriminatory. The wider community has the opportunity to comment on the draft documents and all comments are addressed.
  • Consensus—collective agreement by all parties with no sustained opposition by any important part of the concerned interests. No one individual or organisation can impose their view.
  • Net Benefit— Every Australian Standard, regardless of who develops it, must demonstrate positive Net Benefit to the community as a whole. This means the benefit (monetary or societal) of a standard to the Australian community needs to exceed the costs (monetary or societal) likely to be imposed as a result of its implementation. Demonstrating a net benefit case is analogous to the government’s regulatory impact assessment process. SDAC has produced a Guide to Net Benefit to help users and developers understand the concept.
 Stds dev flowchart.jpg