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Australian Forestry Standard Limited (AFSL)
AFSL is a not-for-profit public company that manages the standard development functions and the elements of the Australian Forest Certification Scheme.
The objectives of Australian Forestry Standard Limited are to:
  • promote sustainable forest management in Australia's forests through an Australian Forestry Standard to be owned by the Company (AFS);
  • support and maintain the development of the AFS, and other related or complementary standards;
  • maintain accreditation as a Standards Development Organisation;
  • support and facilitate the use of the AFS, and any related standards, for forestry certification within Australia; and
  • seek mutual recognition for the AFS internationally.
Since accreditation, AFSL has developed two Australian Standards:
  • Forest management - Economic, social, environmental and cultural criteria and requirements for wood production (known as the Australian Forestry Standard)
  • Chain of custody for certified wood and forest products
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