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Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC)
The FRDC is accredited "to develop Australian Standards in the fields of terminology, sustainability, and operational practices in the fishing industry". It  is the national body charged with planning, funding and managing Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) for the fishing industry, delivering against the Australian Government’s priorities, and pursuing the adoption of RD&E for industry and community’s benefit.
As such, it deals with the government, industry and research partners around Australia on both a strategic and operational basis. The FRDC is ideally situated to communicate and network with partners to leverage, and broker knowledge to get the best results from research, development and extension for both government, industry, and the community.
The FRDC is ideally placed to take over and expand on the standards development activities previously managed by Seafood Services Australia.
The first standard that FRDC has accepted operational responsibility for is the Australian Fish Names Standard (AFNS) which assists in building public and consumer confidence in the Australian seafood industry through removing confusion over fish names and labelling.
The Australian Fish Names Standard AS 5300 was published in 2007 and assigns one Standard Fish Name for each species. It includes Standard Fish Names to be used in Australia for:
  • over 400 commercial and recreational species of fish and invertebrates;
  • over 4,000 other finfish found in Australian waters;
  • seafood species imported into Australia.
For more information visit the FRDC website at