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How to apply

Once the requirements for accreditation have been considered, organisations wishing to become accredited are advised to initially contact Standards Australia to discuss their application.
An application to become accredited can be made using the application form. When completing this form documents explaining the organisation, its aims and operations may be appended to provide the necessary information (e.g. Annual Reports). Reference to a web site where these documents are available is also acceptable. Applications may be submitted by mail or electronically (see contact details). 
Applicants are asked to nominate the scope of accreditation. When doing so applicants should avoid specifying a wide generalised scope. It is better to put reasonable bounds on the scope. Conversely, too narrow a scope may unnecessarily limit future standardisation activities. This often happens where development of one standard highlights the need for another in a closely related field. When considering an application, the SDAC will check other SDOs to ensure they are not operating in the same field. If they are then the applicant will have their scope modified or, in the worse case, their application rejected. For this reason it is often best to contact Standards Australia if unsure about how to specify the scope.

Consideration of the application
Once the application is submitted it will receive an initial review by the Secretary to ensure sufficient pertinent information is available. The applicant may be asked for further information or clarification. The application is then submitted to the SDAC for their initial determination. The Committee will generally assess the application on the basis of the nature of the organisation, its status in its industry or professional sector, its resources and the scope of the proposed standardisation. Again, further information or clarification may be requested. If the SDAC is satisfied then the next stage is an accreditation audit.

Accreditation audit
The accreditation audit will be organized by Standards Australia but the details (date, location) will be arranged directly between the applicant and the auditor. This flow chart outlines the steps in the application and audit process. The audit will assess the organisation’s compliance with the Requirements for Accreditation of Standards Development Organisations, and particularly the status of the organisation and the systems and policy oversight of the proposed standards function. To assist organisations prepare for the audit, as well as for general guidance on interpreting the requirements, a guide to requirements is available.
Approval and accreditation
The completed audit report is forwarded to the SDAC who will consider the findings. If the audit report is favourable and the organisation meets the Requirements for Accreditation then the Committee will finally approve accreditation. If there are some concerns then the Committee will advise the applicant. It may be necessary to undertake a supplementary audit once any problems have been fixed.
The successful applicant will be issued with an Accreditation Certificate that provides details of the scope of accreditation and the length of accreditation. Accreditation is normally for three years.

Applicants will be required to pay the cost of the accreditation audit and an initial accreditation fee. These fees will be charged irrespective of whether the application is successful or not, although it is unlikely an audit would be requested, and hence cost incurred, if the application did not appear to have a good chance of succeeding.