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Adoption of International Standards

It is the policy of the Commonwealth Government to remove barriers to trade and encourage free trade. As such, Australia is a signatory of the World Trade Organisations Technical Barriers to Trade agreement. Part of this agreement involves a commitment to using International Standards wherever possible, either directly or as adopted national standards. Only by developing a global approach can the benefits of standardisation be fully realized.
ISO, IEC and Standards Australia also support this policy, and various processes and procedures have been put in place to facilitate the development and use of International Standards. ISO and IEC have also provided a guide on the requirements to be followed when adopting an International Standard.
Since there are copyright issues, SDO’s who are considering adopting an international standard should  contact Standards Australia's  Operations Business Manager to arrange the necessary licence. Also note that the adoption will need to go through the normal standards development process as specified in Section 3 of the Requirements document.