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Standards Australia is proud to be hosting a number of exciting and engaging events in the lead up to our 100th Birthday on October 12.

As we highlight our past and look forward to our future, we’re excited to share events that pay tribute to our contributors, engage in new ideas and solutions, and provide opportunity for innovation in thought.

Our event calendar will expand throughout the year. Please check back regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest information.

TEDxSydney and Standards Australia
Tomorrow’s Technology: Shaping our future

Thursday 6 October

TEDxSydney Salon with Standards Australia
Standards Australia is proud to announce our partnership with TEDxSydney as part of our centenary celebrations.

TEDxSydney brings together the world's leading experts and professionals, providing a platform where people across industries can connect through the sharing of ideas.  

As part of our partnership, we’re offering our valued contributors, nominating organisations, Members, stakeholders and staff the chance to attend a bespoke salon virtual event. This will be hosted in our ‘birthday month’ in October 2022.

The event is focused on Critical and Emerging Technologies and will bring together a number of compelling speakers and experts in this field. 

Lasting approximately 90 minutes, our panel of guests will look into forward thinking technologies such as: biotechnology, AI and the law and future cities. 

Speakers will be announced over the coming weeks.

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