​In 2010, Standards Australia commenced a project to revise AS 3566.2-2002 Self-drilling screws for the building and construction industries - Corrosion resistance requirements. Standards Australia was unable to achieve the requisite levels of consensus through this process, despite significant effort by all involved, and the project was cancelled. AS 3566.2-2002 was subsequently withdrawn.

Standards Australia remains committed to working collaboratively with industry to deliver a standard that meets current dynamics, industry needs and available materials. With the revision of International Standards (e.g. ISO 9223) and Australian Standards regarding atmospheric corrosivity zones (e.g. AS 4312 – project underway), it is an opportunity to revisit AS 3566.2 and proposed durability ratings in these different corrosion zones.

This discussion with the ME-029 Fasteners committee and additional interested stakeholders will explore the following questions:

1.     Is AS 3566.2 still being used in your industry?

2.     Are there issue(s) that need to be addressed for the content to be considered fit-for-purpose?

3.     What other factors need to be considered in this area?

We aim to feature presentations from a range of stakeholders as we determine the best course of action for AS 3556.2. Should the need for a revision be identified in the meeting, we will seek to workshop what stakeholders might see as the best way forward in terms of new/changed content.


Alison Scotland, Senior Stakeholder Engagement Manager

[email protected] or [email protected]



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02 April 2019

10:00 AM - 02:30 PM

Standards Australia
Level 9, 20 Bridge Street
NSW, 2000

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