Australia's agricultural industry is a key part of the country’s economy. It employs around 330,000 people and is responsible for an ever-increasing percentage of Australia’s exports, the majority of which come from food products, and include things like fish, meat and livestock, fruit, vegetables and legumes.
By streamlining processes, increasing efficiency and developing safety measures, Standards Australia helps contribute to the country’s agriculture export potential.
We are also working with The Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to actively engage with ISO to develop an International Standard for water efficiency based on AS/NZS 6400, Water Efficient Products – Rating and Labelling (WELS)
The aim of the initiative is to enable national standards bodies to harmonise Water Efficiency Standards, provide consumers with information to make informed decisions when purchasing goods, and liberate high-quality water for use in agricultural industries.
The initiative is a key example of how Australia is contributing to international water conservation and redistribution. It is consistent with UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, ‘Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.’

See our page on Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards

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