Sector Updates

Health & Community Services

The following information covers projects and publications between 1 August 2020 to 31 August 2020. There are no new projects approved for development, no drafts for public comment, withdrawals or reconfirmations for this sector this month.


International Participation

International Workshop Agreement on the Safety, Security and Sustainability of Cannabis Facilities and Operations

The proposal to establish a workshop aims to develop and publish three documents to cover the safety, security and sustainability of buildings, facilities, equipment and systems utilised for the cultivation, production, processing, transportation and sale of cannabis and cannabis products. To learn more about the work or provide feedback, please contact us at


Proposal for a New Field of Technical Activity on Laboratory Design

A proposal to establish a new ISO Technical Committee on laboratory design has been submitted by China (SAC). ISO member bodies are invited to review and vote on the proposal. This proposal focuses on standardisation in the field of laboratory design including site selection, design of internal layout of space and services with the objective to provide functional, safe, energy efficient and sustainable laboratories, whilst also taking into account environmental impact, the practical division of experimental and support areas and layouts plus model selection of laboratory furniture. To learn more about the proposal or provide feedback, please contact us at

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