Sector Updates

Manufacturing and Processing

The following information covers projects and publications between 1 August 2020 to 31 August 2020. There are no new projects approved for development, withdrawals or reconfirmations for this sector this month.


Drafts for Public Comment

All drafts open for public comment can be found here.

Aggregates and rock for engineering purposes, Part 5: Specification for Aggregates for asphalt
Draft No.: DR AS 2758.5:2020
Committee: CE-012          
Close Date:3/09/2020
Structural steel welding, Part 2: Stud welding (steel studs to steel)
Draft No.: DR AS 1554.2:2020
Committee: WD-003         
Close Date:8/09/2020
Methods of testing bitumen and related roadmaking products, Part 26: Determination of sieve residue
Draft No.: DR AS 2341.26:2020
Committee: CH-025          
Close Date:21/09/2020
Cranes - Information Labels, Part 1: General (ISO 9942-1:2015, MOD)
Draft No.: DR AS 1742.1:2020
Committee: ME-005          
Close Date:6/10/2020
Safety of machinery, Part 3703: Machines for compacting waste materials or recyclable fractions - Vertical baling presses - Safety requirements
Draft No.: DR AS/NZS 4024.3703:2020
Committee: SF-041           
Close Date:17/09/2020
The verification, filling, inspection, testing and maintenance of cylinders for the storage and transport of compressed gases, Part 2:Cylinders for dissolved acetylene
Draft No.: DR AS 2030.2:2020
Committee: ME-002          
Close Date:20/10/2020
Protective clothing for firefighters - Requirements and test methods for protective clothing used for wildland firefighting
Draft No.: DR AS/NZS 4824:2020
Committee: SF-049           
Close Date:22/10/2020
Methods of test for pulp and paper – Grammage of non-creped paper and board
Draft No.: DR AS 1301.405:2020
Committee: PK-019           
Close Date:6/11/2020

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