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The following information covers projects and publications between 1 June 2020 to 30 June 2020.

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Drafts for Public Comment

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Additive manufacturing - Design - Requirements, guidelines and recommendations
Draft No.: DR AS ISO/ASTM 52910:2020
Committee: MB-028          
Close Date: 6/07/2020
Standard terminology for additive manufacturing - Coordinate systems and test methodologies
Draft No.: DR AS ISO/ASTM 52921:2020
Committee: MB-028          
Close Date: 6/07/2020
Continuous hot-dip metallic coated steel sheet and strip - Coatings of zinc and zinc alloyed with aluminium and magnesium
Draft No.: DR AS 1397:2020
Committee: MT-001          
Close Date: 29/07/2020
Structural steel welding, Part 2: Stud welding (steel studs to steel)
Draft No.: DR AS/NZS 1554.2:2020
Committee: WD-003         
Close Date: 3/08/2020
Heated water systems - Calculation of energy consumption
Draft No.: DR AS 4234:2020
Committee: CS-028          
Close Date: 7/08/2020
Methods for sampling and testing aggregates - Method 11.1: Particle size distribution - Sieving method
Draft No.: DR AS 1141.11.1:2020
Committee: CE-012          
Close Date: 17/08/2020
Aggregates and rock for engineering purposes, Part 2: Specification for sealing aggregate
Draft No.: DR AS 2758.2:2020
Committee: CE-012          
Close Date: 25/08/2020

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