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The following information covers projects and publications between 1 November to 30 November 2019.

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International Participation

Establishment of Technical Committee ISO/TC 326 – Machinery intended for use with foodstuffs

A new technical committee, ISO/TC 326 – Machinery intended for use with foodstuff, has been established at ISO. Australia is currently an Observing (O) Member of ISO/TC 326.
The committee will manage standardisation of individual machine types and their accessories used in the foodstuffs supply chain, as well as processing systems and complete production lines consisting of these machines. All these machines process various raw materials and ingredients into intermediate food products and/or ready-to-eat food.

The standards to be created in this TC deal with specific and typical aspects of machines used in the food industry. These aspects include – but are not limited to – health and safety at work for operators (safety of food machinery) and consumer health and safety (food safety). Standards of this TC also focus on hygienic design principles.

For more information about the committee or if you are interested in finding out how AU could participate in this work, please email the Stakeholder Engagement Management team, at [email protected].

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