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2022 Standards Awards - Nominations Open

Game, Set and Match, How Standards Support the Australian Open

Standards Illuminate Hi-Visibility Vests

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Standards Australia's Grad Program

World Engineering Day

We’re sponsoring World Engineering Day this Friday 4th March.

The World Engineering Day team are hosting many informative activities, including a hackathon before the day and a 24-hour live stream.

In Conversation with Enzo Alfonsetti

International Update

Standards Australia represents Australia on the two major international standards development bodies, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Our activities are reported on our International Updates page.
Click here to view our highlights from Jan / Feb (PDF) 
  • New IEC Statutes and Rules of Procedure come into effect
  • Natural gas fuelling stations for vehicles: New Field of Technical Activity
  • New editions of household appliances’ safety standards published

Sector Update

Access the latest standards development news in your industry sector via our Sectors page

Attending International Meetings

After two years of full virtual meetings, our international contributors will be pleased to know that increasingly ISO and IEC are scheduling meetings with the ability to participate face-to-face. IEC has a number of meetings scheduled in coming months in hybrid mode and ISO announced that ISO committee meetings will be able to be conducted in hybrid mode after the 1st May. It will be up to individual participants whether they attend the meetings in person or virtually.

As with all meeting attendance please liaise with your Project Manager to arrange endorsement and to complete a webform for your attendance. If you are attending a meeting face-to-face please indicate if you require a travel subsidy. We are currently reviewing subsidies to take into account current airfare and accommodation rates, as well as other cost increases incurred for travel since the pandemic started. New travel subsidy levels are expected to be finalised in March 2022.

SA also strongly encourages participants to become familiar with the ISO and IEC Guidance on Effective virtual and hybrid meetings which provides useful advice regarding meeting duration for each different mode of meeting. Factors such as time zone rotation should be considered as part of the meeting scheduling process and if this is not being taken into account please draw your Project Manager’s attention to these situations so we can raise these issues ISO and IEC.

It is exciting that we can start planning to meet with colleagues in person again. Please do reach out to your Project Manager or the International team ( if you have additional questions.


Drafts Open for Comment

The public comment process provides an opportunity for stakeholders and members of the public to make valuable contributions. With the launch of our new public comment platform, draft standards currently open for comment are now available via Connect