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Issuer Identification Number and Institution Identification Code

ISO/IEC has established a numbering system to ensure that issuers of financial cards can be uniquely identified throughout the world.

Standards Australia nominate [tbc] to administer and manage the issuance of IINs, Australian IINs and IICs. If you would like to apply for an IIN, Australian IIN or IIC, please contact: [tbc]

The issuance of IINs, Australian IINs and IIC relate to the following Australian Standards ®

Currently Awaiting Publication:

  • DR AS 3523.1-2021 Identification cards – Identification of issuers – Part 1: Number system (Modified Adoption of ISO/IEC 7812-1:2017)
  • DR AS 3523.2-2021 Identification cards - Identification of issuers - Part 2: Application and registration procedures (Modified Adoption of ISO/IEC 7812-2:2017)
  • DR AS 3523.3-2021 Identification cards - Identification of issuers, Part 3: Australian national numbering system and registration procedures

  • ​AS 2805.12.2:2008 (Rec:2019) Electronic funds transfer – Requirements for interfaces, Part 12.2: Application and registration procedures for Institution Identification Code (IIC) (Modified Adoption of ISO 8583-2:1998)