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About Us

About Standards Australia

Standards Australia is the nation's peak non-government Standards organisation. It is charged by the Commonwealth Government to meet Australia's need for contemporary, internationally aligned Standards and related services.

The work of Standards Australia enhances the nation's economic efficiency, international competitiveness and contributes to community demand for a safe and sustainable environment.

It leads and promotes a respected and unbiased Standards development process ensuring all competing interests are heard, their points of view considered and consensus reached.

Standards Australia's key priorities:

  • Standards Development

A range of development pathways are offered to stakeholders looking to develop new or update existing Standards. 

  • National and International Standards Information and Coordination

Standards Australia is the central point for government, industry and the community to find information about non-government consensus Standards in Australia and around the world, and how to participate in their development.

  • Accreditation of Standards Development Organisations

Standards Australia facilitates and monitors the accreditation of other organisations such as industry associations to develop Australian Standards.

Acknowledging our Committee Members

Our Technical Committee members are the lifeblood of standardisation. They willingly give their time and expertise to advance the principles and practices of standardisation. Their contribution to Australia's well-being cannot be overestimated. Although they give their time freely, it is estimated that their contribution is worth more than $30 million per year to the national interest.

A Permanent Audio Induction Loop is available in six of our meeting rooms in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 60118.4 2007.

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