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Standards Development

Standards Australia facilitates the development of internationally aligned Standards and other solutions that make a positive contribution to Australia.

Standards Development offers a range of pathways for developing objective, rigorous Standards which ensure the safety, performance and reliability of a range of products, services and systems. Every project Standards Australia works on must demonstrate Net Benefit. To propose a new project, click here.

The Standards Development team

The team responsible for developing and maintaining stakeholder relations and delivering Australian Standards and other guidance documents developed by Standards Australia is made up of:

  • National Sector Management;
  • International Secretariat;
  • Project Office;
  • Project Management; and
  • Learning and Development.


To align with public interest priorities, Standards development projects are classified into 12 sectors:

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Food;
  • Mining;
  • Manufacturing and Processing;
  • Building and Construction;
  • Energy;
  • Water and Waste Services;
  • Transport and Logistics;
  • Health and Community Services;
  • Consumer Products, Services and Safety;
  • Education and Training Services;
  • Communications, Information Technology and e-Commerce Services;
  • Public Safety; Public Administration; Business and Management;

This classification table will help determine which topics fall within each sector.

Our Standards Development work

Standards Australia's work continues in traditional areas such as building, construction, energy, consumer protection and safety. It is also actively involved in developing Standards in areas including:

  • Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Personal financial planning and employment screening;
  • National security;
  • IT security and risk management;
  • Managerial and organisational practice, risk management, corporate social responsibility; and
  • Electronic health records, messaging and communication.

Click on the following links to be taken to information on Standards for a selection of specific industries.

To learn more about our Standards development activities for the 2014-2015 financial year, view the Standards Development Report to the Annual Council Meeting.