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Benefits of Standards

Australian Standards ensure goods and services consistently perform the way they are intended. They support the economy, improve safety and health, use our national resources more efficiently and improve our quality of life.

1. Standards give businesses and consumers confidence that the goods and services they are developing or using are safe, reliable and will do the job they were intended for.
2. Standards provide a platform on which to build new and exciting ideas. As our world changes, new Standards are introduced to reflect the latest technologies, innovations and community needs - redundant Standards are discarded.
3. Products that comply with Australian Standards have a competitive edge over products that don't - consumers know the difference. Australian exporters using international Standards have a head start when they move into overseas markets.
4. Standards ensure products manufactured in one country can be sold and used in another. Standards reduce technical barriers to international trade, increase the size of potential markets and position Australian firms to compete in the world economy.
5. Standards help make laws and regulations consistent across Australia. Standards offer an alternative to regulation, with less red tape and business costs, while still providing security for families and small business consumers.
6. Standards are part of Australia’s technical infrastructure that allows businesses and trade to function. Everyday commercial transactions can only take place with accurate units of measurement and a robust Standards and conformance system.