This is the second Quarterly Report regarding the initiatives in the Technical Governance Review (TGR) Implementation for FY 2020

More strategic approach




Develop a strategy for communicating the benefits of standards to the broad community, to help build a general community understanding of the value of Standards Australia’s work.


Communications planned out based on the strategy, for ongoing release. 

Develop an ongoing approach to consult on Strategic Priorities and communicate them publicly. Plan developed and consultation strategy being finalised. Q3
Implement CEO Leaders forums as ‘business as usual’ to address both recognised Sectors and cross-sectoral issues.


CEO Leaders Forums have been planned out for FY20 and built into the Engagement planning process going forward.


More open processes




Ongoing communication regarding the outcomes from pilot initiatives in the use of more open representation in Standards development projects Under development, working with stakeholders and the Incubator team. Ongoing
Develop a policy for the inclusion of additional experts or organisations, to supplement the existing constituent-based representation. Draft policy has been developed. Further consultations underway. Q1
Public Comment platform allowing comments directly on the draft Deployment has been delayed to Q4. Q2
Provide a framework to notify individual contributors of the outcomes from their Public Comment submissions To be a feature of the new Public Comment platform. Q4
Various pilots will be coordinated through the Innovation Incubator. Ongoing engagement with committees to identify opportunities to manage their projects through the Incubator.
  • Open and Transparent Development Process
  • Ballot by Stages
  • Agile/Online Standards Development.

Pilot Projects for Crowd Sourcing and Online Standards Development continuing into FY20.

3 projects currently underway on Ballot by Stages.

1 project underway trailing red flags approach.

Discussions of Open & Transparent approaches are continuing with stakeholders.


New online tools for Standards Development Proposals – submission, collaboration and consultation.

Improved visibility of Proposals to interested stakeholders.

Ongoing updates to Standards Connect.

Development of Online Proposals platform underway. Estimated delivery Q4. Ongoing

More proactive quality assurance




Standards Australia to invite individuals to ‘fill in’ positions where Nom Orgs can’t provide the required capabilities. Draft policy finalised. Release and communications planned for Q3. Q2
Establish a process for Committees to assess the Skills, Knowledge and Experience required for a project, and assess those present within a Committee. Assessment tool and process in development. To be piloted during Q3. Q3
Pilot a process for SA to specify the skills, knowledge and experience required of a Nominating Organisation’s representative. Planning Stage Q3
Develop a structure to record the basis for committee decisions and provide access to Nominating Organisations. Planning Stage Q4

Q1 is July to September 2019, Q2 is October to December 2019, Q3 is January to March 2020, and Q4 is April to June 2020