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About the Research and Analysis Team

Research & Analysis team delivers growth to the business in a variety of ways.

  • Market Research helps find new markets and opportunities across Australia and beyond
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC) is our vital link to our customers, their voices and what they think about our business, products and services
  • Better By Standards delivers personalised content on the who, what, and why of our standards, creating engaging stories about the work we do

Our work is supported by our centralised Project Management Office (PMO), which oversees and manages our portfolio of projects

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On today's episode I am excited to be joined by Dr Catriona Wallace and Kareen Riley-Takos to deep dive into the Metaverse, a virtual world that enables users to explore new places, interact with others, and experience new things in an immersive digital environment. With the rise of virtual and augmented reality technologies, the idea of a fully immersive virtual world has become more tangible, and excitement around the Metaverse has grown. Dr Catriona Wallace and Kareen Riley- Takos discuss the readiness of society to embrace the Metaverse into our homes and day-to-day lives, critical aspects that need to be addressed, and the potential risks of an unregulated and unstandardised Metaverse. As it is early days for Standards for the Metaverse, Catriona and Kareen explore where Australia could lead in supporting the safe and reliable deployment of the Metaverse, and the partnerships or collaborations necessary to drive its growth and safe deployment.

On this episode we are joined by the co-authors of Standards Australia's recently released 'Digital Twin and Standards' whitepaper, Adam Beck and Gavin Cotterill. We are also joined by George Sfinas, our ICT Engagement Manager at Standards Australia. We discuss the current state of play for Digital Twin in Australia and why a unified national approach is essential in paving the way for a consistent and connected future for Digital Twin technology in Australia. We delve into how standards can support the current and future built environment in Australia by ensuring our domestics voices are involved on the international standards stage. Both Adam and Gavin discuss how Australia can become a global leader in digital twin space if the right conditions are created, how we can establish these conditions and the risks of not doing so.

Our host Shannen Brown sat down with Mike Wood, the Principal for Telstra’s Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Strategy, Governance and Risk Management program, Kareen Riley-Takos, General Manager of Operations at Standards Australia, and Summer Lamont our Strategic Initiatives Officer to discuss the need for change in how we develop standards to allow new and emerging industries to work within the standards environment, as well as helping us work better in cross-sectoral areas of activity. We learn about how standards are developed, why we need to look to expand our current development models to embrace new and emerging industries and the risk of not doing so.

Have you ever wondered what a world without standards would look like? Or why it is important that standards are built for all and not a one size fits all? In this upcoming episode of the Set the Standard podcast, host Shannen Brown speaks with ISO president Ulrika Francke and Standards Australia’s CEO, Adrian O'Connell about the need for diversity and inclusion when developing standards. We also delve into the world of international trade and Standards Australia’s Head of International, Karen Batt discusses why standards are the passport for efficient, safe, and reliable trade. Additionally, they delve into ways in which ISO and Standards Australia can increase speed to market of standards to ensure the right solutions are developed at the right time.

Shannen Brown is joined by Dr Alan Finkel who was Australia's former chief scientist from 2016 to 2020 where he led the national electricity market review, the development of the national hydrogen strategy and the panel that advises the Australian government on the 2020 low emissions technologies roadmap. Shannen is also joined by Adam Stingemore who is the General Manager for Engagement and Communication at Standards Australia. Adam leads Standards Australia’s national and international engagement teams, research and strategic initiatives team and design and communications. Emelia Addo-Appiah also joins Shannen on this episode. Emelia is a Strategic Initiatives Manager at Standards Australia. Emelia leads the hydrogen work at Standards Australia. She advocates for standards development in hydrogen and Standards Australia's role in engaging with industry. Together we discuss hydrogen and its end use applications, Australia's hydrogen landscape, the role standards can play in the safe and effective upscale of Australia's hydrogen industry and how standards can support Australia's ambition to become a global hydrogen player and top-three exporter of hydrogen to Asian markets by 2030.

Standards Australia's 'Set the Standard' podcast host Shannen Brown is joined by Lisa McLean, CEO at NSW Circular, Dr Kar Mei Tang, Chief Circular Economist at NSW Circular and Connie Ho, Strategic Initiatives Manager at Standards Australia to explore the current and future state of Australia's Circular Economy. We discuss the concept of the Circular Economy, and its role in Australia's net zero commitment by 2050. Dr Kar Mei Tang explains the role of a circular economist and the challenges in quantifying the cost and benefits of the Circular Economy. Lisa McLean talks about the challenges faced by businesses transitioning towards a Circular Economy business model. Whilst Connie Ho weighs in our how standards can help overcome these challenges and the work currently underway at Standards Australia to help with the Circular Economy transition.

Standards Australia spoke with Emma Weston, CEO and co-founder of AgriDigital to discuss the key challenges and solutions across the grain supply chain, the role of standards in the development of AgriDigital’s solutions and how AgTech will play a pivotal role in helping Australia reach its Ag2030 vision. We also spoke about how AgriDigital sustains an innovative working environment and why kindness is the best currency.

Standards Australia spoke with Deborah Young, CEO of the RegTech association to understand the imperative role RegTech plays in today’s modern era of increased regulation and compliance. Deborah Young discussed RegTech’s future trajectory and how the COVID pandemic led to new areas of focus for RegTech solutions. Deborah Young addressed how standards can play to help overcome the challenges faced by RegTech. We also spoke to Jesse Riddell, Senior International Partnerships manager at Standards Australia to learn about the challenges that RegTech companies face across borders and how Standards Australia can support Australian RegTech companies.

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