Our five-year Strategic Plan revolves around the key pillars of Reputation and Brand, Engagement and Performance, Finance and Governance, and People and Culture. It is reviewed annually.

In our Annual Review each year, we also set out the current activities aligned to these Strategic Plan objectives and the measures of success to track their achievements.

Standards Australia Limited Five Year Strategic Plan (2016-2020) - Year 5

This is the Strategic Plan of Standards Australia Limited for the five financial years commencing 1 July 2015 (financial year 2016) to 30 June 2020 (financial year 2020) approved by the Board on 6 March 2015. This is the Plan for Year 5 of the Five Year Plan.


To excel in the provision of contemporary, internationally aligned Australian Standards® and related services.


Standards Australia delivers widely recognised and demonstrated value to Australia’s economic efficiency, trade and international competitiveness and to the community’s expectation of a safe and sustainable Australia.

To fulfil our mission and vision, the plan focuses our resources on four strategic pillars:

1. Reputation and Brand

As the national standards body, Standards Australia is recognised for its contribution to Australian life. We provide an unbiased, transparent and accountable standards setting system. Nationally and internationally our influence and relevance is strong. We are focused, effective and valued for our leadership and results.


  • Our peak body status is maintained
  • The economic, political and social case for Standards is clearly understood and recognised
  • Industry and community leaders value and support our role nationally and internationally
  • Our brands are recognised, trusted and respected in Australia, the region and globally
  • We are a strong and valued contributor to international and regional standards development and governance activities
  • Our organisation is sought out for its insights and thought leadership
  • All tiers and levels of government have a heightened awareness of the positive contribution and relevance of Standards Australia
  • Experts and those who support them seek to be engaged with us and are our advocates
  • Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) accredited through the Board’s Standards Development and Accreditation Committee (SDAC) enhance our brand’s value and performance

2. Engagement and Performance

Standards Australia is actively engaged with industry, government and community and aware of their contemporary needs. We deliver high quality and high value solutions for the Australian community through the effectiveness and efficiency of our work. Our development and engagement pathways apply our resources equitably across the economy. Our work program integrates the concept of net benefit to the Australian economy as the basis for project selection.

Our work program supports the currency and alignment of our catalogue. Through a focus on continuous improvement we deliver quality documents, drive best practice performance and support our expert contributors.


  • Our standards development process is recognised for its integrity and is acknowledged as being open, transparent, efficient and internationally aligned
  • We continue to exploit digital and other technology that supports best practice standards development, project management, education and training, and other business operations
  • The delivery and publication of our products is contemporary and flexible, and meets users' needs
  • Stakeholders continue to support our process for prioritising development work
  • Our international engagement and participation is focused and aligned to industry, trade and other national policy needs
  • Our commercial services are valued, outcomes-focused and sound. They support our core business and long term sustainability
  • Stakeholders across all sectors of the economy are deeply engaged and support our development cycle
  • Engagement with the next generation of technical contributors is embraced and our structures attract and retain contributors
  • Government funding support for international engagement through the Support for Industry Services (SISO) program is maintained

3. Finance and Governance

Standards Australia is financially secure. Our investment corpus is managed to ensure long term sustainability of our business. We live within our means. The composition of our governance bodies is consistent with our role and with community and Member expectations. Our governance processes are best practice.


Investment portfolio maintained at its real value in perpetuity

  • Our member organisations continue to reflect a broad spectrum of stakeholders across all sectors of the economy
  • Our Board, Council and leadership teams are diverse and high performing
  • We regularly review our Constitution to ensure it remains relevant for the business environment

4. People and Culture

Standards Australia has a strong company culture underpinned by core values that are lived every day. Our people are positive, results driven and operate in a dynamic work environment which rewards and recognises personal, team and overall contribution. Our people are skilled professionals delivering consistent service. Collectively we meet our obligations for the safety and wellbeing of our people at work.


  • We attract and retain talented and committed people who are motivated and equipped to deliver outstanding stakeholder focussed services
  • Stakeholders express broad satisfaction with the professionalism and service of our people
  • Our staff survey reflects our success in creating and maintaining a positive, high performance workplace culture