Standards Australia accredits other organisations to develop Australian Standard® brand standards. The accreditation function provides a framework to ensure accredited organisations are able to develop their own industry standards and have them recognised as Australian Standards®.

Standards Australia has a long history of developing voluntary standards, but certain companies may find it more suitable to become an accredited Standards Development Organisation (SDO), depending on their sector or industry’s circumstances.

The accreditation responsibilities of the Standards Australia Board, which have been delegated to the Standards Development and Accreditation Committee (SDAC), are:

  • Accrediting (or, where appropriate, declining to accredit) bodies in Australia to develop and maintain Australian Standards®.
  • Withdrawing any accreditation granted.
  • Setting policies and guidelines in relation to the preparation, maintenance, development, and publication of Australian Standards®.
  • Auditing accredited bodies to ensure compliance with all policies and guidelines of SDAC.

SDAC has replaced the Accreditation Board for Standards Development Organisations (ABSDO).