Our Standardisation Guides set out the policies and processes for the development of standards and other technical documents.

Preparing Standards (SG-001)
This guide describes:
  • General policies and processes for both Australian and joint Australian/New Zealand Standards
Structure and Operation of Standardisation Committees (SG-002)
This guide describes:
  • The basic structure of committees
  • The processes by which committees are set up and maintained
Standards and Other Publications (SG-003)
This guide describes:
  • The range of possible outcomes from the standardisation process
  • The purpose and structure of Standards
  • Other technical publications
Roles and Responsibilities in Standardisation (SG-004)
This guide describes:
  • The operational roles and responsibilities of all participants, including:
    • Committee members
    • Nominating organisations
    • Project managers
Technical Governance and Advisory Structures for the Standards Development Process (SG-005)
This guide describes:
  • The governance of Standards Australia’s development activities
Rules for the Structure and Drafting of Australian Standards® (SG-006)
This guide describes:
  • Rules for the structure and drafting of both Australian and joint Australian/New Zealand Standards 
Adoption of International Standards (SG-007)
This guide describes:
  • The adoption process of International Standards as Australian or joint Australian/New Zealand Standards 
Preparation of Standards for Legislative Adoption (SG-009)
This guide describes:
  • How to ensure consistency between the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards® 
  • How standards should reflect the needs of the Australian community and government 
  • Guidelines for committees developing standards that may be referenced in Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) legislation to ensure consistency with legal requirements in Australia
  • How to develop Australian Standards® referenced by water utilities that meet their contractual or regulatory requirements 
Australian Involvement in International Standardisation (SG-015)
This guide describes:
  • Australia's participation in preparing international Standards through ISO and IEC
  • A summary of the international procedures
Participation by Consumers in Standardisation (SG-020)
This guide describes:
  • The role of the consumer representative on a technical committee

Competition Law Guidelines

Our Competition Law Guidelines set out how matters of market competition are dealt with through the standards process.