Members of the 2019-2020 Program

(Back left to right) Matthew Allport, Brendan Slowey, Jason Bi, Peter Kilby, William Wang, Chris Peake, Pedro Goncalves, Brooks Smith, Ahmad Abdullah, Jared Buncombe, Alex Grufas
(Front left to right) Katherine Chan, Wendy Modernell, Alexandra Bonilla, David O’Connor, Firas Shawash, Karthik Subramanian, Balesh Baleshan, Stephen Richardson, Nayan Das, Lachlan Greve, Luca Giacomin
Absent: David Urban

What is the Bootcamp program?

Standards Australia are offering to work with Universities and Industry to provide a new program called Bootcamp.
As part of our NEXTgen program, Bootcamp is a program designed for students and young professionals to create interest and develop an understanding of the national standardisation process that supports Australian industry and government.

Participants will learn the principles that govern standards, the standards development process, the parties involved, and the drafting rules that standards must adhere too.
The goal of the program is to increase industry awareness in standards and encourage the next generation of young professionals to take an interest in standards.

What can you gain from this program?

  • Who is Standards Australia and what are Australian Standards
  • An understanding of the standardisation process
  • An awareness of the parties involved in standards development
  • Professional development opportunities

How do you get involved in Bootcamp?

University or Industry groups can request to get involved in the program by completing a Bootcamp application form
Standards Australia will contact you within 10 days of completing your application.

IEC Young Professionals Programme

The IEC Young Professionals Programme is an opportunity for emerging leaders in electrotechnology to further develop their skills on an international stage. 
Due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, Australia will not be making a nomination to the IEC Young Professionals Program for 2020.
Please contact to register your interest for future programs.