Standards Australia is the country’s leading independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit standards organisation. We are also Australia’s representatives of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

We are specialists in the development and adoption of internationally-aligned standards in Australia.

We also make sure the country has a voice in international standards development.

Although we develop standards, we are not responsible for enforcing, regulating or certifying compliance with those standards.

Standards, they've got you covered

Sunscreen is essential for Australian life. Like many products and services sunscreen is made to standards, Australian standards. The sunscreen standard sets have requirements for things like SPF, broad-spectrum protection, and water resistance. This helps consumers understand what they are paying for and guides manufacturers to create a safe and effective product.

We are Standards Australia and we play a key role in developing the sunscreen standard as well as thousands of others. We represent Australia internationally. To make sure we have a voice in writing international standards, Australia adopts international standards wherever we can.

Our process brings together experts who manufacture, sell, regulate, consume and research in an area. These experts work with us to write a standard for the benefit of Australia's economy and community. In fact, everyone can have a say in a standard during the nine week public comment period. Most standards are voluntary but some like the sunscreen standard are written into law.

Although we develop standards we do not test regulate police or decide which products comply. Otherwise, the sunscreen standard has got you covered.

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Our Roles

  • Standards development: Offering stakeholders from a variety of sectors a range of pathways to develop or update new or existing standards.
  • International participation: Participating in the development and adoption of a wide range of International Standards.
  • Accreditation of standards development organisations: Assessing and approving other organisations to develop Australian Standards®.

For every new standard, we bring together key parties and stakeholders to form a technical committee. These committees collaborate to develop standards which are of value to Australia, its businesses, and its people. The benefits of our work are clear. With stronger standards in place, Australia can enjoy greater economic efficiency and increased prominence on the international stage. Robust standards also help support our local communities by building a safer, more sustainable environment.