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Proposal Consultation

Proposal Consultation Process

Standards Australia conducts an online consultation process for proposals that passed our initial assessment. Relevant industry experts and groups are asked to review and comment on the proposal through our consultation portal.  

The consultation process occurs prior to initiating the development of a standard and its purpose is to gauge the level of support and value amongst industry peers and statutory bodies.  

Any member of the public can register and provide their feedback on proposals open for consultation.

Voting & Commenting On A Proposal Open For Consultation

Stakeholders are asked to review and vote on whether a proposal should be progressed to the next stage.

You can vote to Support, Object or Abstain. Objections must include justification supporting your decision.

Respectful discussion can be conducted by commenting and responding to the comments of others.  

Collected votes and comments will be considered in recommending proposals' progress to the next phase.  

How Long Is Each Proposal Open For Consultation?

Consultation period is generally between two and four weeks, however, can vary significantly based on several factors including proposal complexity, speed of responses, level of support and issues raised.  

Assistance & Support

For further information or if you have any queries, contact a Stakeholder Engagement Manager.