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Aged Standards Review

What is the Aged Standards Review?

Standards Australia is committed to maintaining a contemporary, relevant and internationally aligned catalogue of Australian Standards and other publications. The Aged Standards Review is one of the ways in which we give effect to that commitment by seeking committee member and broader stakeholder views on the proposed withdrawal of standards and other publications that are over ten years old.

As part of the Aged Standards Review process, Standards Australia asks relevant technical committees with an active work program to review aged documents within their area of oversight. They decide whether these documents should be withdrawn, reconfirmed without changes or revised. Where no existing active committee is available to provide input on the document, we consult a broad range of stakeholders.

Open for consultation

We are not currently seeking public input on the proposed withdrawal of any aged documents.

What happens when a standard is withdrawn?

The withdrawn status does not impact the document’s availability, or public’s ability to use the document. Withdrawn standards can still be purchased from our distributors.

The withdrawn status indicates that the standard is no longer relevant. Standards Australia will not undertake further work to maintain or update a withdrawn standard.

It is still possible for a withdrawn standard to be used within an industry or reference by a government if they choose to do so. One reason for this may be because there are no replacement technical documents readily available.

Status of Aged Standards Review

The outcome for aged documents that were released for nine weeks’ public consultation can be found in this Excel spreadsheet.

Further Information

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