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What does Standards Australia do?
What is a standard?
Are standards mandatory?
How do I obtain a standard and how much do they cost?
Will I have to pay to view a standard?
I'd like to reproduce or copy all or parts of the Australian Standard I have purchased. How do I go about this?
How are Australian Standards® developed?
Who develops standards?
How do I propose a new standard or revise an existing standard?
As a member of the public, how can I comment on a proposal to create or revise a standard?
As a member of the public, how can I comment on a draft standard?
I've got questions about the Standard and what it means - can I speak to someone?
What is an interim standard?
Why is a standard marked as withdrawn?
What is a superseded standard?
What does available superseded mean?
What does it mean when a standard has been made 'obsolescent'?
An amendment has been issued for a standard I bought. What is an amendment?
I have questions about using a Standard - can you help me?
Can Standards Australia assist with locating a consultant?
Who certifies that a product conforms to a standard and how do I get a product/service/organisation certified?
How do I get a product/service/organisation/person certified?
Who do I contact to get my product tested?
I am interested in importing a product into Australia. How do I find out if it needs to be certified to particular standards before being imported and offered for sale?
How do I get my product certified for export?
I have a product that says it complies with an Australian Standard®. However, it doesn't comply or it doesn't function properly. Who do I contact?
Mandatory Product Safety Standards - General Products
Plumbing Products WaterMark Certification
Electrical Products
Electrical Installations
Electrical Installation/Wiring Rules
Building Products
Food/Drink Standards
Vehicle Safety Standards
What are contract standards?
What contract standards are available?
In what formats are Standards Australia's contract documents available?
What is the purpose of "reference use only" version?
For what purpose can the AS 4000-1997 be used?
Where is the Instrument of Agreement in AS 4000-1997?
For what purpose can the AS 4122-2010 be used?
For what purpose can the AS 4902-2002 be used?
What contract standards are available for back-to-back 'design and construct' purpose?
Which contract standards are suitable for supply of equipment?
Which contract standards should be purchased together for the management of assets?
Do you have the Annexures available for separate licensing?
Do I need permission to reproduce extracts from standards?