Standards Australia has different proposal options available to best suit your standards development requirements.

Find the appropriate proposal form for your needs below.

Getting Started


Type of Proposal

Proposal Form

1 Revision of an existing standard Standards Development Projects
2 Creation of an entirely new standard Standards Development Projects
3 Proposing Australian participation in an international standards committee International Participation
4 Identical adoption of an international standard Identical Adoption
5 Modified adoption of an international standard for the Australian context Standards Development Projects
6 Propose that a Technical Writer or Committee Facilitator is appointed to support standards development projects Technical Writer or Committee Facilitator
Stakeholder Engagement Managers can provide guidance and advice regarding the requirements and completion of a proposal form. They can also provide information on work underway in your sector of interest and the various pathways for development.

Preparing Your Proposal

All projects are selected based on four key criteria:

  1. Net benefit case
  2. Well-defined scope of work
  3. Stakeholder consultation and support
  4. The availability of Standards Australia resources

For assistance in understanding the process, please read the GU-104 SA Guide to Project Prioritisation Criteria and Process.

Project Resourcing

1. Resourced through Standards Australia
This option makes use of our resources, expertise and infrastructure to develop standards. Stakeholders are required to commit and actively contribute to projects over a set period of time.
2. Externally Funded
The Externally Funded pathway offers stakeholders access to additional services and administrative support through the standards development process. This may include:

  • Access to independent facilitators and technical writers to help with complex and/or contentious technical committee project work.
  • Additional support for international participation.
  • Standards development roadmap activities with stakeholder input to identify:
    • Potentially relevant standards
    • Gaps and opportunities for new standards
    • Openings for international participation and adoption
  • Sponsorship of Standards Australia led forums and events

This pathway operates on a fee for service basis and by way of formal agreement with Standards Australia.

Note: The provision of external funding does not give the funding entity or any party preferential treatment or consideration in relation to the technical content and outcome of the standards development process. Standards Australia develops all Australian Standards in accordance with its Standardisation Guides, regardless of the source of funding.

When to Submit

Project Prioritisation

Standards Australia now accepts all types of proposals at any time throughout the year.
Proposals that meet all key quality criteria will be assessed and resourced on a monthly basis.

Assistance and Support

For further information or if you have any queries, contact a Stakeholder Engagement Manager.