A new direct distribution channel
For the first time since 2003, Standards Australia has its own direct channel to market. Having this platform is a critical element of our strategic direction put in place in 2016. A significant step forward, the Standards Australia Store is a critical piece of backbone infrastructure that will allow us to continue to drive innovation and change in our market.
Partnering with innovators to drive innovation
This year, we announced our first new partnership on the delivery of our content beyond the traditional format. Australian software provider FireMate has embedded Australian Standards within an innovative platform that aims to support fire protection specialists to work more efficiently.
Increasing our efforts, impact and partnerships globally
With an increasing focus on the good use of standards nationally, regionally,and globally, we have expanded our engagement and advocacy work substantially over the last 12 months. Our relationships with Australian industry and government have been critical to us, and to our partners, in building a better understanding of how international standards impact national and international policy agendas.

Production figures

It has been a strong year in the development and publishing of standards. We initially forecast 403 publications and this goal was exceeded with 484 publications.
386 Australian Standards
2 Handbooks
52 Amendments
44 Other
6314 Participating Members
2216 Nominating Organisations
389 Active Technical Committees
405 Active Subcommittees
596 Active Working Groups

Financial result






(38,092) (34,174)
Operations Surplus/(Deficit) 2,888




Managed Funds distribution and interest 20,223 14,657
Net Profit (Reported P&L) 23,111


Other Non-Operating Income    
Other income 50


Net Gain/Loss on Investments designated as fair value through profit and loss 22,560 (25,841)

Total Comprehensive Income

45,721 (5,022)