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License content

We are currently experiencing a high volume of customer inquiries, which means we may take longer than usual to respond to queries. We appreciate your patience as we work to respond to queries as quickly as possible.

Our Licensing Team assists businesses to secure proper permissions for the use of standards through copyright licence agreements. Agreements can range from usage of specific extracts to fully editable and customisable contract standards.

By removing the risk of copyright infringement, your business can achieve a level of confidence around your training materials, business instructions, reports, tenders, and contracts.

To make a licensing enquiry, please

Within your email, please include as much information as you can about your licensing needs.
For example:

  • Your full name
  • Business name
  • ABN
  • Address
  • The Standard/s you wish to licence (e.g., AS 4000-1997 – Full Standard; AS 4000-1997 – Annexures only, etc.).
  • The licence term (1 month – 12 months).
  • Do you already have a copy of the Standard/s?
  • How many copies of the Standard/s will be distributed outside your organisation during the licence term (including to tenderers)?
  • If you’re licencing an editable contract standard, how many individuals will be editing the Standard/s?
  • Any other comments.

If you are unsure about any of the above, please provide as much information as you can, and we will happily assist you further.

To find out more about contract standards, please visit our FAQ page.