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AI: the launch that progresses a nation

March 31, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing to hit out screens, to program our computers, direct traffic flow, reduce credit card fraud and everything in between. The importance of this software being properly governed is a top priority for not only Australia but countries across the world.

Through our work developing an AI roadmap, it’s apparent Australian’s want to be assured that AI is being used responsibility and governed effectively while businesses are seeking building blocks, such as risk management tools, to support the implementation of AI.

During the launch of Standards Australia AI Roadmap; Making Australia’s Voice Heard, I had the opportunity to lead a panel of experts from across industries to discuss the significant opportunities and enormous amount of work involved in AI development and how standards can support the continued adoption of AI globally.

Ed Santow, Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner joined us on the panel and emphasised the concerns felt by the Australian public in relation to AI and said “the solution is to be the country that innovates consistently with our liberal democratic values and carve out a niche that responds directly to what consumers are telling us.”

Standards can play a strong role here, helping to manage risk and mitigate some of the fears in society by providing core elements of a framework for the safe and effective use of technology.

Also on the panel, Colin Dominish, Australian Digital Leader at GHD Digital, spoke to the importance of continual learning to improve AI in real world settings. “Our team are finding that every application of AI is an opportunity to learn more about its capabilities. Any mistakes made along the way provide a chance to enhance the standards so we don’t repeat them.”

The release of this roadmap marks an exciting time for Standards Australia, supporting Australia’s place in fostering responsible AI, working in collaboration with government, industry and the wider community. I am very proud of the time and energy myself, colleagues, the committee and larger Standards Australia team invested in this. We look forward to more collaboration to make the recommendations of this Roadmap a reality for Australia.

Jed Horner
Policy Manager

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