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Benefits of Keeping Active, Internationally

February 21, 2019

There is nothing like an alluding title, presenting the expectation that you are about to read a hard-hitting piece on “5 ways to keep active in the workplace” or “benefits of keeping active this summer”.

But here we are mixing things up here and adding international flair.

Keeping active in Australian Standards terms, refers to having a strong and collaborative relationship with international standards, so basically just as important as “finding 30 minutes of daily physical activity”. Stay with me as I explain.

Standards Australia embraces the development and adoption of international standards. Enjoying an active relationship with the two big head honchos of international standardisation – the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Many Australian standards are aligned with international standards as much as possible.

Say a brand-new standard has been approved to be drafted, the first step is to check if there are any relevant international standards. If there isn’t, then new national standards may be developed.

Essentially, there is no point re-inventing the wheel, but more importantly it creates a harmonisation of standards. One standard accepted everywhere. What an advantage!

By working with our international pals, it creates robust standards that support and benefit Australian’s in many ways:

  • Opening doors to international trade: Irrespective of where a product is made, the use of standards allows that product to be sold and used anywhere in the world. It reduces international trade barriers, helping Australian businesses compete to a wider market and globally.
  • Give products a competitive edge: To a consumer, a products’ value is enhanced when it meets Australian Standards. The standard being automatically associated with reliability. Australian exporters moving to an overseas market will gain a competitive advantage by complying with International Standards, as it is now associated with interconnectivity and interoperability on a world scale.
  • Consumer comfort: International (IEC and ISO) Standards generally reflect the best experience of industry and regulators worldwide and cover conditions in a variety of countries. This is mirrored on to the endorsed product or service that complies with these international standards.

Australia’s role in keeping active on the international circuit, has allowed Australia to have a voice in international standard development.

Standards Australia coordinate leading professionals and experts in a chosen field to attend and represent Australia on a global stage. Basically, creating a space for Australian representatives to throw their two cents in.

This ensures Australia’s viewpoint is heard during the development of international standards and their subsequent adoption as Australian Standards.

Aligning with International standards has allowed some fundamental and strategic channels form on a global scale. Providing value and advantages to Australia. So, if you can only take one thing away from this blog, it should be – Keep Active!

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