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EL-011 sparks adoption of IEC standards

July 30, 2021

Australia’s National Energy Market (NEM) interconnects Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania, supplying 200 terawatt hours of electricity to 9 million customers across businesses and residences every year through 40,000km of transmission lines and cables. This market is responsible for trades over $16 billion in a financial year[1].

With over 400 registered participants in the NEM, it’s been identified by government as a critical area for development. The Australian Energy Market Operator has laid out a plan to see NEM reach 75 per cent renewable energy by 2025[2] and worked with Standards Australia previously on a roadmap for advanced metering standards.  

This standard development work is guided by Australian Government policy, which affirms Australian Standards® must harmonise with international metrological requirements to the greatest possible extent [3]. Standards developed under this roadmap will enable the potential for greater use of renewable energy sources.

In 2018, as a part of this roadmap, Standards Australia adopted a suite of IEC 62053 standards for electricity metering equipment which aim to improve readability, ensure better understanding and usability, drive better compliance, and improve safety for consumers.

In 2020, IEC updated the standards to better address the requirements for modern metering systems and the needs of distributed energy resources. To ensure Australia’s energy market is well placed to benefit from this modernisation, Standards Australia Technical Committee EL-011, Electricity Metering Equipment, has kicked off a project to adopt the updates across several parts in the AS 62053 standards series. Some of the updates include new requirements and tests and changes in safety requirements.

The project will fulfil requirements set out by Government policy and the goals within the roadmap. Additionally, it will help ensure that NEM benefits from uniquely Australian Standards, guided by international best practice.

“Delays in harmonisation of standards to international standards may see Australia fall out of step internationally, so it’s great to see EL-011 kick off a project to keep Australian Standards current and up to date with best practice,” said Roland Terry-Lloyd, Head of Standards Development at Standards Australia.

EL-011 are also planning to commence work on AS 62052.11:2018, Electricity metering equipment (ac) — General requirements, tests and test conditions, Part 11: Metering equipment (IEC 62052-11:2016 (ED.1.1) MOD). You can track updates to this standard in the Standards Store.




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