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Game, Set and Match with Standards

January 28, 2022

Founded over 110 years ago, the Australian Open (AO) is an iconic tennis event.

Historically played on grass and hard courts in cities across Australia and New Zealand, the AO has entertained both Aussie and international audiences.

For 99 years, Standards Australia has been keeping Australian’s safe through guidance on practice across many aspects of life, including tennis. Standards Australia supports the safety of tennis players so they can play with peace of mind, from the tennis rackets they use to the courts they play on. And viewers can comfortably watch tennis from the safety of their homes, as standards are in place to support all aspects of broadcast.

Spotlight on tennis

Without well-lit surfaces, playing and watching tennis could be limited to specific times and weather conditions.

In 2021, Standards Australia revised AS 2560.2, Sports lighting, Part 2: Specific applications, to provide guidance on better lighting for tennis players and spectators.

Committee LG-009, Sports Lighting developed the standard to help maximise the use of indoor and outdoor facilities. The standard considers new LED technology and works to improve the overall quality of the lit spaces and areas.

The ball is in your court

For tennis players, it’s vital the quality of the tennis court and the equipment they play with is best in class.

Tidy and well-maintained courts are essential for tennis players to not affect their game. This year, in line with international standardisation, Standards Australia published SA TR CEN 17519:2021, this guides how to minimise the spill-over of materials used in synthetic turf. In addition, the International Standardization Organization (ISO) published ISO 11416:1995, which specifies tennis rackets and physical parameters.

A network of viewers

2022 continues to see challenges and restrictions imposed by COVID 19. Thankfully, we can rely on broadcasters to provide us with an up close and personal look at the event.

Television broadcast is made up of various technologies, and there are standards that cover almost all of them.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed a range of standards for television, from cables, IEC TR 63122-2:2019, to digital television accessibility, IEC 62944:2016.

Nationally, Standards Australia has developed standards across power consumption, AS/NZS 62087.2.1:2008, to broadcast equipment, AS/NZS CISPR 20:2009.

The AO is a testament to Australia’s love for tennis, with a legacy lasting over a century. Standards are one of many components that will continue to support and shape the iconic Australian event.

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