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Making waves in renewable energy

April 29, 2020

It’s been an exciting few weeks in the energy sector and I’ve been busy working virtually with committees on innovative industry updates. With 70% of our earth covered in water, this resource is both infinitely valuable and easily attainable, and while water provides more energy per unit than land, the opportunities are abundant but currently severely underutilised.

Renewable energy is a big piece of the sustainability puzzle and we’ve been actively taking part in supporting these opportunities. Standards have a clear role in turning the world-wide sustainability goal into a reality and so this year, we’ve joined the international conversation on renewable ocean energy.

Ocean energy is a process where using new technology we harness energy from waves, tides, currents and temperature differentials and convert it into electricity. Breaking into this area is not only a big win for  the renewable energy sector , it also provides massive benefits to our economy and communities, as well as the incredible impact it would have on supporting the decarbonisation of Australia and the rest of the world.

The first step towards succeeding in this area is for Standards Australia to set up a national committee to work with our international colleagues and discuss the implications and opportunities for standards around this energy. We have started the process on setting up this committee and I’m excited to be leading this initiative and working with some of the world’s leading experts. It’ll be great to see how we progress over the coming months and I look forward to sharing some early successes.

As in many sectors, standards will be important in pushing forward with this initiative and while this step toward ocean energy is just the beginning, Standards Australia will continue to provide updates and support the work towards a more sustainable future.

Kara Chan
Stakeholder Engagement Manager

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